Sony has today announced that the next-generation of Minecraft for consoles will hit the PS4 a day earlier than the version for the Xbox One.

Despite the earlier release the game will be priced similarly to the Xbox One version, as such anyone who already purchase the game on the PS3 will only have to pay €3.99, and those who are first time buyers will pay the full price of €18.99.

The game will also allow users to port saves from the original PS3 game to the PS4 game, which means that users can keep anything that they have already created, though some skins and patterns may not be PS4 friendly.

Sony also say that the PS4 version will have worlds that are 36 times bigger than the worlds in the PS3 version.

As for the PS Vita version, nothing has been announced yet however SCEA’s Brian Silva did say that: “Mojang and 4J are working hard on it. We hope to update you soon.”

The PS4 edition of Minecraft will be available from tomorrow.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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