If you have already played Minecraft on the PC you will know how great a game it is, and now it is on the Xbox 360 we think it has got even better.

When you first start-up the game you will notice a similar design to that of the PC version, but don;t be fooled by this version of the game does have some huge differences. For starters you will find the game comes with a lot more tips and tricks on how to play, giving you advise throughout the game on what particular things could be used for.

This can be extremely helpful to newcomers out there, but we found it to be a tad bit annoying as we already knew what everything is and did.

As well as this some of the creativity have been taken out of crafting as you now don’t need to know what shape to build when crafting something you just select what you want and it will be crafted, this makes it incredibly easy for anyone who doesn’t know any of the crafting shapes yet, but I think it took some of the fun out of the game.

One thing that has stuck however is the feeling of aloneness, still you are dropped into a generated world of blocks with nothing in your inventory and the pressure of building a shelter and tools before nightfall comes is heavy upon you.

If you have played the PC version before you will notice a lack of Creative Mode in the XBLA version, which has been overpowered by the Survival Mode which as we said earlier has become a lot more user-friendly, even going as far as to include a tutorial level which shows you all of the basics around the world.

One thing that we love about this game is the sense of accomplishment as soon as you have completed something, and even though we have played this game a lot before we still found great pride when we got our first Diamond made the tool, and built our castle soon afterwards.

You may have noticed I have been used the word ‘we’ a lot, this is because the Xbox version of the game brings the greatness of Xbox Live to Minecraft, giving you the ability to join a world filled with your Xbox Live friends, or get them to join yours. Alongside that you can also play in split-screen allowing for a quick game with your mate whenever he pops round.

Even though the Xbox 360 version of Minecraft lacks some things that the PC version has, we still found a great time from playing over this weekend. The graphics look great with no sense of lag as you get to often in the PC version, alongside this we also liked the achievements that have been included in the game, alongside this we cannot wait until some downloadable content comes out for this game as some of the things left in the PC version come to the Xbox’s we can tell this game will just get even better.

Come back to this same article sometime tomorrow and we should have a video right here for you.

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