In this video we get our hands on a beautifully crafted 100% natural wood case for the iPhone4/4S. Miniot is a Holland based company that take their time to hand craft some amazing wood products for Apple devices. Let’s take a look at the simple yet functional and very elegant Pouch. The Pouch is a full coverage storage case for your iPhone4/4S that looks great and feels great. It is simple to use, you just slide your phone in the Pouch and slide it out when you need it. A nice notch at the bottom of the Pouch allows you to easily access your phone when you need it. The Pouch starts at $74 us and 59 euro. You can customize your Pouch in one of 12 woods and they will do custom laser etching as well for your name or a design.

You can pick up the Pouch and other great cases, pouches and covers from Minot’s website.

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