As you may already know we really like Miniot’s cases here at TechNutty, so naturally when we heard that they were releasing some new cases for the iPhone 5 we had to take a look, so we hit them up with an e-mail and they sent us over one of their newest cases the iWood 5.

As with the previous cases, the iWood5 has been made from all natural wood materials, and when selecting the case on their site you can choose from 7 variations of these.

The case itself is a slide on, that fits onto the iPhone 5 really well the rubber trim around the inside allows for a smooth fit. As the case is a flush case you will need some kind of screen protector to protect the glass on the front and the case won’t protect your phone from any accidental drops to well.

Apart from the fact that the case is made from wood, a great part of buying this case is that you can personalise the case itself with your own engraving which makes the case even more unique.

The Miniot iWood5 is available for €79.00 or $ 103.00 (US) at their website, check out the video review from Neil at GeekwGlasseslive.

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