Ministry of Sound has this week announced a number of new speakers, making their move into the technology space with a new range of speakers that have been designed by the engineers who are responsible for its nightclub’s sound system known as The Box.

There’s five in total.

The first and second of the five is the Audio S and the Audio S Plus, costing £79.99 and £129.99 respectively they both connect using Bluetooth and have a splash proof design as well as what MoS claims to be a 15 hour battery life.

The Plus is a little different in terms of its premium design, with the normal model available in black, blue, red and white, the Plus will also allow for pairing with two speakers in stereo, as well as feature a metal stand.

There’s also a microphone on the Plus for conference calling.

MoS Audio_M-650-80

The third and the fourth of the speakers is the Audio M and the Audio M Plus, which are priced at £149.99 and £199.99 respectively.

The regular Audio M supports Bluetooth aptX much like the Audio M Plus, however the Plus also includes support for Wi-Fi connections, allowing for a multiroom experience.

The Plus can also connect with the Ministry of Sound iOS or Android app, allowing you to play music from your device, internet radio or through Spotify Connect.

The Plus also supports DLNA, AirPlay and one-button access to the Ministry of Sound Club radio station.

Both models claim to also have a 4 hour battery life.

Audio M Plus and Audio L Plus

Last on the list, and the biggest model of all of them is the Audio L Plus, which will retail from around £299.99 and offers the same features as the Audio M Plus, along with bigger speakers and support to connect with other M and L Plus speakers, allowing for different sound styles around the house.

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