We are huge fans of Miniot’s cases here at TechNutty, which if you haven’t seen yet are made completely from wood found in well managed forest and certified supply in the Netherlands.

Currently they are only available for the iPhone 4/4S and various iPads, but now the company is releasing a new line of cases for the iPhone 5.

The first is the new Miniot Book which includes an entirely new design, offering complete protection in a book-style case, as mentioned before the case has been made completely from wood and has been designed to match the iPhone’s slim and elegant appearance.

The case work’s with a smart wood hinge which can work as a sunshade when taking pictures, or it can be folded into a convenient stand or even snapped to the back for handheld use, there’s also a Ultrasuede lining that protects to iPhone’s glass from scratches.

The Miniot Wood will be available from October 28th and will cost € 109.

The Miniot Pouch which we reviewed a short time ago will also be made for the iPhone 5, which has been carved out of a single piece of wood and allows you to simply slide the iPhone 5 in and out of the case without friction, locking in with a push of your thumb.

Miniot has also made the Pouch even thinner, and even stronger than before, now available in Padouk, Wenge, Teak, Cherry, Purpleheart, Maple, Zebrawood, Walnut and more variations.

The Miniot Pouch for iPhone 5 will be available from October 15th for € 59.

The final Miniot case to hit the the iPhone 5 is the iWood 5 which has been redesigned from the ground up, to closely match the look and feel of the iPhone 5.

As with the other cases they have also been able to make the iWood even thinner than ever, but still fits the iPhone perfectly, as it has all been made from wood the case also allow you to use all of your ports brilliantly.

The iWood 5 is available in various wood species including Applewood, Padouk, Wenge, Teak, Cherry, Purpleheart, Maple, Walnut and others, and will be available from September 28th for € 79.

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