If you don’t like spoilers I suggest that you turn away now, as the video above features the first five minutes of BioShock Infinite as released by Irrational Games earlier today.

Within the video we find that the game will begin in the coast of Maine, New England where a female voice asks Booker if he is afraid of god, which is likely to be the girl from the previous trailer, after the darkness begins to tun to light we see that Booker is traveling by boat with a man and woman with quite bad “British Accents”, when I say bad they sound like their from the war.

You then make your way up to a lighthouse, which seems to be your destination which seems to be filled with Christian messages and the area is filled with some older music and a dead body.

Then some freaky stuff happens and a chair pops up which then turns into some kind of ship and sounds as if it has just taken off.

After which we don’t know any and it’s likely we won’t know much more until the games release date in March 2013.

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