A new Kickstarter project has today been launched that allows prospective DJs to perfect their mixing techniques on the go, called Mixfader it allows users to scratch and mix using their smartphone or tablet and a Bluetooth connection.

This will also link up to an application that “computerizes your vinyl turntable and brings together all the essential elements for mixing your music”. This application will be available for both iOS and Android.

“Mixfader is the first connected object for DJs. It allows you to perfect all mixing techniques, in particular scratching, which requires a certain manual dexterity, difficult to reproduce on a tactile surface. Mixfader can be connected wirelessly to an application that computerizes your vinyl turntable and brings together all the essential elements for mixing your music. Mixfader allows you to make perfect transitions and to scratch like a pro.”

And it’s not just for the pros, it’s for the people wanting to learn too, and the creators even say that it has purposely been made for beginners, whilst still including features that make it awesome.

“To satisfy your demands in terms of performance, our team worked in partnership with the best professional DJs and turntablists, such as 9 O’Clock – twice world champions at the DMC World DJ Championship – right from the design stage of the creation of Mixfader. In order that Mixfader be ultra-reactive and easy to manage, our engineers worked hard to achieve a latency of 5 ms. This means that you can mix and scratch with a wirelessly connected device with a latency imperceptible to the human ear. This “ultra-low latency” technology developed by our engineers has just been patented. It is a world first: DJIT has developed the product that records the lowest latency level on Bluetooth®. ”

You can find out more about the project at the source link below and via the video embed above.

If you back the project with a pledge of €49 or more you will also be able to get your own Mixfader.

Source: Kickstarter

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