To offer their search engine currently, Google provides a single search index for both mobile and desktop.

This means that you will get similar search results on both desktops and mobiles.

According to a recent report from Search Engine Land that is about to change.

The site claims that Google is currently planning to build a new search index that will be dedicated to mobile searches, which the site claims will be much more up to date than the desktop version.

This idea is that with the mobile search will offer results that are up to date at the time of searching. This mobile index will take over as Google’s primary index, and the desktop index would be demoted to their secondary index.

As of yet, Google has not revealed any official details about this, and we don’t know how it will work yet.

It has been claimed that Google would implement the changes over the next few months, so we will let you know more when we hear it.

Source Search Engine Land

Via: TNW

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