[Update] Sorry to say that these are not in fact the original cases, and are ones sold by Hipstreet, it seems but they could be a great starting point for ASUS to work from, and still worth looking into.

The moment you have all been waiting for, finally the official cases for Google’s Nexus 7 have been revealed, MobileFun revealed all of the details on their blog today, and the official cases built by ASUS include a rotating and non-rotating stand case, a folio case, a keyboard case and weirdly, an official screen protector.

The First one on the list is the rotating stand case, which as you can guess rotates so you can watch a film in landscape and turn it around to surf the web for instance, there’s not much to say about a case really, but this one does look like it could protect your Nexus tablet from and scratches or knocks, nothing to brutal however, the case has also been made from a leather effect material and is an officially licensed ASUS product.

Next up is the simple Stand case which will allow you to, stand your Nexus 7 up when using it to watch films or read a book, this case has also been made with the same materials as the rotating case, but doesn’t rotate.

It also looks like ASUS will be releasing a Folio case alongside these, which will open and close like a book and includes a magnetic strip to allow for the sleep/wake function to work, this has been made from a slimmer material and includes an integrated wallet.

Probably the beast of the collection is of course the case with the Bluetooth keyboard in-built, which is perfect for using your Nexus 7 as a sort of laptop to take notes on or get some work done on the train without the need for an actual laptop, the best part is the case looks quite thin and is also said to be spill

The final product, is a new one for official products, and is an official Nexus 7 screen protector which as you can guess prevents fingerprints and scratches from getting onto the screen.

For more information click on the source link, also check out the gallery below for images of all the cases.

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Via [MobileFun]

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