Modbook have today announced that they have finally released the Modook Pro for pre-order exclusively on their site,, at the price of $3,499.

The reason for that huge price is because ModBook actual build these from scratch, you do have to pay a little extra for them to build it, if you don’t what the ModBook Pro is just yet, basically it’s a MacBook Pro that has been converted into a tablet computer.

This basically means you are getting a new tablet with a 13.3 inch screen, a processor of up to 2.9GHz Intel Core i7, RAM of up to 16GB and an SSD of up to 480GB, alongside the fact that it will come with Mac OS X pre-installed, you can also get Windows 7 alongside it.

The Modbook Pro will begin shipping in mid-November, unfortunately it will only be available to customers with an US based shipping address, which I’m hoping to be changed real soon.

Check out the source link below for more information on how to pre-order and on the Modbook Pro itself.

Source: ModbookShop

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