[Update May 31st] Bethesda has just confirmed that mods for Fallout 4 on the Xbox One console are now available to the public.

They revealed this news in the following tweet:

[Original Story] Some time ago Bethesda teased that Fallout 4 will be getting mods on the console versions of the game, today they are keeping that promise, releasing mod access for the Xbox One in beta this week.

This was confirmed on Bethesda’s Twitter account, where they revealed that they have sent invites to select Xbox One players earlier today.

To get an invite you would have had to have registered for beta access on Bethesda’s website, so you should check your email if you did that.

Here’s the tweet from Bethesda:

This news comes after mod support was launched for Fallout 4 on PC some time ago, where you can find a range of mods from new outfits to strange character alterations.

We don’t yet know what mods will be included, or when Bethesda will release the support to the public, but when we know we will let you know.

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