Mohzy recently sent us over one of their newer products, the Loop USB cable which could be seen as both a USB cable for smartphones/ tablets etc or as a sort of fashion accessory.

The Loop can be picked in more or less any colour or design you wish, with a ton to choose from, you really are spoiled for choice, one of the great things about the cable is the magnets Mohzy have included inside, which allow you to easily and securely loop the cable together, making the cable ultra-portable.

Alongside making the cable easier to carry, the magnets also allow the cable to become anything from a wristband, to an actual magnet  for holding anything you like on a metal surface, which makes it great for round the office.

As the cable works with devices with a microUSB port or a 30-pin dock-connector, this cable is great if you have a lot of accessories, as i mostly use an iPhone, iPad and iPod, I found it great for charging them when on-the-go as well as any charging cases I have alongside them, as all of them charge via a microUSB cable.

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But the cable is not just for charging, as it can be used to sync from your computer too, which I found to be helpful when out of the house.

One thing I did find the cable extremely useful for was traveling on a train, as normally when I do so I have to bring all of my long cables and plugs in order to boost my iPad’s battery when on the train, with the Mohzy Loop I found I only really needed it and a plug, which meant I didn’t actually need a bag, which is great when going on long journey’s.

As the cable is wearable, you can simply carry the cable on your wrist whenever you’re not using it, then simply unclip it when you are.

Throughout my tests with many different devices, I found the Mohzy Loop cable to work perfectly with all, with no connectivity or charging issues in any of my products.

You can pick up the Mohzy Loop Cable from Mohzy’s site for $16.99., where you will find a whole range of colours your Loop can be designed in.

Thanks go to Mohzy for sending us this for review, we really appreciated it.

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