Mojang has this week announced their new monthly subscription box service, similar to that of Loot Crate, it will provide subscribers with Minecraft swag monthly.

The service will cost will be priced at $30 a month in the US, for which subscribers will get a “Mine Chest” which will come with a selection of hand-picked and official Minecraft swag however, they have not provided exact details to this.

You can probably expect stuff like t-shirts, crafting recipes, exclusive items and other Minecraft collectibles.

The Mine Chest was originally unveiled in July 2015 at the MineCon event, were Mojang gave 5,000 beta keys to attendees at the show.

Sadly, Mojang is requiring subscribers to sign up for a 3 or 6 month plan minimum, and that will be billed in advance. On top of this they will also add a $7 shipping cost to each monthly Mine Chest.

Mojang says that this will better serve their customers by allowing them to buy premium items in higher quantities and cut the costs down.

Currently, the Mine Chest subscription is only available in the US and they won’t ship until May.

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