Last week we featured the Optrix XD, which is a great camera case for the iPhone and iPod Touch that lets you mount the case onto a variety of surfaces and record the action, Mophie have now released their competitor to this case, named the Outride.

The case is pretty similar to the Optrix and features a hard case on the outside with an integrated polycarbonate case on the inside, this helps the device to be water-resistant and give it that high-impact protection.

But Mophie have added one thing that’s a little different to the Oprix, their own free application, that works perfectly with the Outride and allows users to create a profile and share their recordings with other adventurers, the whole thing will be priced at $130 and will be available from mid-September, check out the press release below for more information.

[spoiler show=”Show Press Release” hide=”Hide Press Release”]mophie Transforms the iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 into a Dedicated Action Sports Camera with OUTRIDE

Hardware, App -based Video Community Empowers Users to Ride, Record and Share

Salt Lake City (Aug. 1, 2012)-Summer Outdoor Retailer-mophie™, leader in developing innovative solutions that allow consumers to do more with their mobile devices, today debuted its action sports camera, outride, a hardware and app solution that puts the power to record and share tricks, tracks, rides, and epic moments in the hands of action land and water sports enthusiasts, using only their iPhone. OUTRIDE eliminates the need for dedicated video or camera devices, which add bulk and can cost upwards of $300, by harnessing the existing features of the iPhone and adding the hardware and software for outstanding, all-in-one filming, editing and sharing. OUTRIDE hardware is waterproof and impact resistant and comes bundled with a variety of custom mounts to capture action shots in the surf, snow, dirt or concrete.

The release of OUTRIDE incorporates several product innovations that have earned mophie credibility in the action sports community by including features such as extreme durability and portability engineered specifically to meet the needs of the lifestyle. OUTRIDE’s debut is also a clear statement that the brand is putting down roots in the category and is committed to trailblazing the development of solutions and applications that can transform the iPhone into a device that can serve many functions, eliminating the need for consumers to spend on additional, dedicated devices.

“With the ever-growing action sports market, and our success in developing ruggedized products for those rough-and-tough tech users, we felt we were ready to design and develop a product that would take the iPhone and its camera capabilities to its limits,” said Ross Howe, vice president of marketing at mophie. “While the action sports community has a lot of camera and video options to choose from, they weren’t able to share their moments with the community in real time. OUTRIDE gives the action sports community these capabilities in a durable, compact, quality and cost-efficient way.”

Using the iPhone 4S or iPhone 4 and OUTRIDE as an action sports camera has many advantages, including the ability to review your own footage or shots, share those moments and follow others in the community, instantly. The free OUTRIDE app, is the perfect complement to the hardware solution and is the key differentiator from other action sports cameras on the market. With the OUTRIDE app, users have instant gratification in capturing and viewing their content, as well as sharing it on the OUTRIDE community page as well as various social media networks, on the fly and in the moment.

Available in mid-September, OUTRIDE bundles range from $129.95 to $149.95 at Key features and benefits of the outride include:
Turning the iPhone into a Dedicated Sports Camera-Bundling the case, mounting system and the OUTRIDE app, gives users the option to transform their iPhone 4S or iPhone 4 into a dedicated action sports camera. Features of the OUTRIDE hardware include:
High-impact, water-proof and lightweight polycarbonate housing protects the iPhone in any scenario
Modular quick-release mounting system allows recording at any angle and attachment to any surface on a variety of sports equipment
Wide angle lens is optimized for recording action sports
“Lights, Camera, Action!”-Whether you have a passion for surfing, motocross or skate, there is an OUTRIDE mounting kit that will fit your sport.
Capture, View and Share-Free on the iTunes store, the OUTRIDE app is a place for the action sports community to search and share videos from around the globe, on-the-go:
Personal Profile-Get started by uploading a profile picture and adding in your location. From the personalized profile, users can view captured videos and photos, find and follow friends, and customize categories
Capture-Allows the user to shoot both vertically or horizontally
View-Custom settings allows for a unique viewing experience, and provides notifications of “friends” updates
Share-Community-based sharing allows users to discover new users and connect with the “mophie” community within the app and through other social networks

For more information on OUTRIDE and the full suite of mophie products, please visit


Via [Mophie]

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