If you have been running low on battery on your Google Pixel XL consistently then you might be interested in Mophie’s latest battery pack, the Juice Pack for the Google Pixel XL.

This new pack finishes off Mophie’s lineup of battery packs to finally offer battery extension on the go from a case for the XL.

It features a 2,950 mAh battery inside, which is just slightly smaller than the Pixel XL’s 3,450 mAh battery, which means that it should provide just under a full charge on the go.

Mophie claims that it can extend the smartphone’s battery talk time life by over 50 hours.

Of course, it does come at the cost of thickness.

To finish things off, the headset also adds wireless charging, allowing you to wirelessly charge the phone and the battery pack by setting it down on a Qi pad.

It also features a USB Type-C port if you prefer wired charges.

You can purchase the new Mophie juice pack for the Google Pixel XL today from their website for $99.95 in the US.

We don’t know about other pricing or availability just yet.

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