Mophie has always been one of my favorite brands for iPhone charging cases, simply because they work well and look great, I have been fan since I first got my iPhone 3G with Mophie Juicepack.

Now Mophie is stepping it up a notch with their new Duo and Mini Powerstations.

The Duo is the bigger of the two with two USB’s ports for multiple device charging and a 6000mAh battery for multiple chargers, as you can guess the Mini is not so beast like with just the one USB port, however the Mini can boast a faster charging time with its 10.1 amp high-output battery.

Both of the stations come with a sleek soft-touch black exterior and stainless-steel trim, which is presumably to match the iPhone 4/4S. The Powerstations also pack an external LED light to help you monitor you charge status.

The Mophie Duo and Mini will be available from August 13th, the Duo will however set you back £89.95 and the Mini will be a bit cheaper at £49.95.

What do you think? Is this something you would buy?

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