A new case recently hit Kickstarter that aims to be the one case that you will ever need, looking for $150,000 in funding, the case is called Moscase and if funded it will allow users to add a range of functions to their iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus with just one case.

The first of these is the breathalyzer, which allows users to analyse their breath and determine the alcohol in their body, this links with the Moscase app to show the user what the allowed limit is in their location and theirs compares.

Next up is the Rocker, which swaps out the backplate for a new set of speakers, these is available alongside the Collector that allows users to extend their smartphone’s better life with a solar cell equipped backplate.


The next two are the Booster, which allows users to boost their storage for more photos, documents and other media.

The final backplate is the Reader, which features an e-paper display that allows the user to read notifications, display photos and read books or articles on an e-paper display.

Each Moscase will come with a passive backplate also, which basically covers the backplate for user’s who don’t want to use one of the aforementioned backplates.

If you do want to attach one of these backplates allow you do is simply clip the backplate into the case.

The bumper also has some hidden tricks, adding a number of health monitoring additions, including an optical sensor, heat sensor and impedance sensor.

You can find out more about Moscase at the source link below, where you can also pledge from $133 for a Moscase bumper and passive backplate.

Source: Kickstarter

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