Motorola has today announced that its Moto 360 smartwatch will launch in the UK in early October for the price of £199.

At first the watch will be available from O2, Tesco, Amazon and John Lewis in grey leather and black leather, and will be one of the first watches to run Android Wear.

Developed to tackle Samsung’s and LG’s watches, the Moto 360 will feature a circular 1.5 inch screen that will show data from an Android device running Android 4.3 or above.

On top of that, the Moto 360 will also feature a heart rate monitor, and will be able to use Google’s “Ok Google” voice control features, allowing users to easily search for important information, make bookings, check flight times and more.

Aside from that the Moto 360 uses pretty much the same software as ever other Android Wear smartwatch, aside from a number of exclusive watch faces that Motorola has created to fit the circular design of the watch.

You can find out more about the watch at our announcement post here.

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