If you’re old enough to have lived in 1940 than you might actually remember when Motorola announced the first ever walkie-talkie in existence, the Motorola SCR-300 which was a huge backpack with a phone attached to it basically.

Technology has become a lot better and smaller since then and with the new range you will defiantly be able to do more on your outdoor adventures, all be it in the back garden or on the Alps.

The new TLKR range comes with five new models, the first is the T40 which is the cheapest of the range at around £30, it can broadcast on eight channels within a range of 4km, included is a LCD display which will show the selected channel and battery level, all of which is powered by AAA batteries.

Next up is the T50, T60 and T80 radios which come with a range of 6km, 8km and 10km respectively and all include eight different channels with 121 security codes to keep your conversations private from other radio users, there is also a wide selection of ringtones available.

The T50 will be priced at £44.99), the T60 £54.99 and the T80 at £84.99.

Then there’s the T80 Extreme which is the weather-proof model designed for “serious adventurers”, priced at £99.99 the T80 Extreme has a range of 10km and comes with a stronger design and handy features such as a built-in torch.

You can check all of the new walkie-talkies out today as their available now.

If you are looking at purchasing a set of Motorola walkie talkies you should defiantly visit the experts at dcs2way at their site, www.dcs2way.co.uk to see their great range.

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