Today Motorola sent out an invitation for an upcoming event in New York City.

The invite states that the event will kick off on July 25th in NYC and will feature news that “you won’t want to miss” and that’s about it aside from the hashtag, #hellomotoworld.

Of course, we do have some guesses as to what we shouldn’t be missing will be.

Recently we saw a leak about the Moto X4, so it’s probably quite likely that that phone might be involved. We also think that they might unveil the Moto M2 during the show, however, rumours have suggested that both of these won’t release until the fall.

We have also heard rumours about the Moto Z2 and the Moto Z2 Force, which may also turn up and it’s likely that we will see some new Moto Mods and possibly some other stuff.

The event will probably focus on the US versions of these handsets, however, we will be covering the news as it happens anyway.

Be sure to pop back to find out more then.

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