Some time ago Motorola unveiled the idea of Mods which are accessories for devices to add more functionality to a device via modular components, however, it has been some time since Motorola has released a new Moto Mod.

In order to release some new Mods, Motorola today announced that they have partnered with the Indiegogo website to get developers interesting in designing their own Moto Mods.

With this new partnership, Indiegogo will be allowing developers to submit ideas for a new Moto Mod and apply for a free Moto Z with a Mod development kit.

If their idea is interesting, they will get this free gear.

Those who make the best Mod ideas will then have the chance to Motorola engineers to refine their design and then they are free to crowdfund their project on Indiegogo.

But that’s not all, Motorola has also said that if someone submits a really good idea, Lenovo Captial might even help you to fund it outright.

Yl have from now until January 31st to enter this Moto Mod development contrast.

You can find out more about it at the source link below.

Source: Motorola


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