Today Motorola announced the launch of their first action camera to be sold in the UK, the Motorola VerveCam+.

This new action camera has been designed to be an updated version of the original VerveCam product and will be launched as part of their new VerveLife series of products.

The original version wasn’t available in the UK, so the Plus model might be your first look at Motorola’s action cams.

And that’s good because it has some pretty decent specifications.

Most notable is the 138-degree wide-angle lens that is featured in the centre of the VerveCam+ and can record footage at 2.5K, which isn’t 4K but is a fantastic resolution for most devices.

As it is an action camera, it is also pretty tough with a build that allows it to go down to depths of up to 25 metres.

It also has inbuilt storage that allows you to record up to 90 minutes of footage with a microSD card slot that allows you to pop in a further 32GB of storage, but if you prefer, you can also just live stream straight from the camera to your phone and then to your YouTube channel, where they can be streamed in high definition.

To top that off, the camera will be released with a number of accessories.

These include a wearable clip, bumper with lanyard, waterproof sports case and a universal tripod mount.

You can also pick up an action pack for mounting to multiple points, which comes alongside a Bluetooth selfie sticker for remote capture from your phone.

The camera is available today for £150 in the UK and you can pick up the action pack alongside it for £40.

You can find out more at the source link below.



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