IndieGoGo is always full of little surprises and nothing comes smaller than the recently launched MOwayduino mini programmable robots.

The robots have been designed to provide a learning and playing robotic environment, allowing you to develop applications for you robots at any age, with no robotics background needed.

Fitted with 4 anti-collision infrared sensors, 1 directional light intensity sensor and 2 opto-reflective infrared sensors that point to the surface of the robot when the robot is placed down.

Also in-built is a 3 axis accelerometer, microphone and rechargeable LiPo battery that can provide 2 hours of use.

Based on the Arduino Leonardo robot, programs can be developed for the MOwayduino using C/C++ and the provided software, all of the robots will also come with an SPL expansion kit.

The MOwaydunio can also be expanded with various other modules to use it with other tasks, the first of which is a camera, that will allow you to see images captured in front of the robot on your PC screen, and even allow the robot to find certain objects or colours.

There’s also a Wi-Fi module that will allow the robot to connect to the internet and be used with various different applications, such as sending e-mails, controlling the robot from another device, or even via a webserver.

And finally there’s the maker kit, which allows you to personalize your robot with the circuits you want to use.

Check out the video above for a quick look at the MOwaydunio, and head over to their IndieGoGo campaign for more information.


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