Earlier this month Mozilla first announced that they will entering the mobile operating system game with their own Firefox branded mobile OS, but that was something we taught we wouldn’t see anything more of till next year.

Well it seems we were wrong as images published on TechWeekEurope on Thursday reveal the Android/ iOS like Operating System, from the screenshots the first thing we noticed was how alike the keyboard was the Apple’s OS, after which we then seen a bit of Android in what look to be a customisable home screen.

Alongside that their was also a pretty cool emergency phone number feature, which shows the number someone can call if they find you after an emergency, making life a lot easier without trying to break through someones passcode.

[Update] The screenshots weren’t leaked, and in fact Mozilla released there nightly builds for the OS, check it out hehere.

Check out the screenshots below.

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Via [techWeekEurope]

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