Today Mozilla have revealed some new experimental features that you can try with the browser via the Firefox Test Pilot program.

Mozilla has been running this program since May of this year, allowing the public to test a number of experimental features ahead of their full integration into the Firefox browser.

To get started with the program, you simply need to install the test Pilot add-on in Firefox, type in your email address, and then select the features that you want to try out.

But before you do, read up on these new features below.

Min Vid

One of these new features, has been named Min Vid and allows you to play videos from within a small window that can be floated over other tabs, in a similar way to watch Apple’s Mac OS Picture-in-Picture mode does.

With the feature, you can position the video exactly where you want it, adjust the size of the window, and send it back to the tab that it came from.

Currently the feature will work with YouTube and Vimeo videos, simply load up a video then click on the Min Vid icon in the top left corner.


Page Shot

Alongside the Min Vid feature, there’s another feature called Page Shot.

This allows you to grab screenshots of pages, with built-in sharing and archiving tools which allows you to save grabs of pages and even search the text that you have grabbed on the page, allowing you to easily archive content like booking confirmations, or pretty much any HTML document.

Tracking Protection

Tracking Protection is the final tool in the latest Test Pilot update, which expands the feature from only working in the private browsing mode to working all of the time, allowing you to identify and block the cookies that track your activity across sites and block them.

You can get started with all of these new experimental features at the source link below.

Source: Firefox Test Pilot

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