MSI has today unveiled a brand new addition to their line of gaming desktops, unveiling the new MSI Aegis Ti.

This is a 2-way SLI Ready system (the first desktop PC to do so) that is sure to provide you with awesome performance, featuring specs that will provide you with double the graphics card performance.

This will allow you to play the latest VR games without too much lag or performance degradation, especially when equipped with the latest high-end graphics cards. All of this graphical power is pumped through a single HDMI port on the front, which makes it very easy to plug in your virtual reality headset.

Inside you will also find an Intel Core K-series processor that can be overclocked right from the PC, and with the Dragon button on the front, you can quickly and easily amp up the speed and performance when needed.

MSI Aegis Ti 2

To keep things quiet, the Aegis Ti has been fitted with a Silent Storm Cooling 3 system, which uses three separate air flow streams to individually cool the separate components within the system, ensuring your system’s temperature always remains low and hopefully silent.

Not information on pricing or worldwide availability has been revealed for the MSI Aegis Ti just yet, but as always, we will let you know if we hear further news.

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