RGB lighting is all the rage for PC building, people have it in their keyboards, in their mice, and even in their components. This creates a big syncing problem as getting all of these to show the right effect is not an option that’s currently available.

Today MSI and SteelSeries partnered up to change that, revealing their new plans to make sure that their RGB lighting technology remains in sync with one another.

To do this, the pair will be using SteelSeries’ Engine3 (SSE3) technology in order to control the MSI Z270 Gaming Pro Carbon motherboard.

Neither company has revealed more details just yet, with no information on whether more of MSI’s motherboards will be compatible with SteelSeries’ software, however, we do expect that this will link up with MSI’s other products eventually.

We also don’t know if SteelSeries has plans to partner with other companies, however, there are is lot of RGB-equipped computing gear that could also benefit from this partnership.

With the Z270 in particular, you will be able to control the RGB lighting across a number of components on the board, including the I/O cover, heat sync and the other elements of the board from SSE3.

The partnership will also allow SSE3 to set colours and effects of the MSI motherboard via macros and key/button bindings, and all of this will work alongside a range of SteelSeries’ peripherals.

With this, you can set up to 16.8 million colours and 17 effects and you will still be able to control all of this from MSI’s own Mystic Light app, which can be run on a PC, smartphone, or tablet and enable some other effects to be set.

Source: MSI

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