MSI has today unveiled a new ultra thin laptop that might interest a few of you, measuring just 0.78 inches thick and weighing only 4.36 pounds, the laptop packs some mighty specs that include a 4th generation Intel Core i& processor, Nvidia Quadro graphics and a high resolution 3K display that has a 2880 x 1620 pixel resolution.

Not to shabby for a thin laptop.

And not only that, the MSI WS60 also features MSI’s Matrix Display technology that can support up to 2 external monitors straight from the HDMI/ Thunderbolt/ Mini Display port.

In terms of storage, the ultra thin and lightweight laptop will also feature up to 2 solid state drives in RAID 0, alongside a high capacity HDD.

“The MSI WS60 Workstation is a lot more than meets the eye. Under the beautifully designed slim and light chassis lies a powerful workhorse, capable of handling the most daunting of tasks anywhere you go with it’s incredibly fast Intel Core i7 processor and powerful Quadro graphics.” Said MSI.

“With incredible flexibility, speed, and simplicity , Thunderbolt™ 2 is the most advanced port to date when it comes to versatility. Offering daisy chaining to multiple devices, doubles data transfer bandwidth, and capable of streaming to 4K monitors, it’s everything you need a single port.”

YOu can find out more information about the MSI WS60 Windows laptop at the source link below.

Source: MSI

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