Today MSI unveiled three brand new motherboards the MSI X399 Gaming Pro Carbon, X370 Gaming M7 ACK and B350 Tomahawk Plus, which are all designed to expand your computers gaming capabilities with “exclusive gaming features”.

The MSI X399 Gaming Pro Carbon will join the rest of the Carbon range but with the new AMD X399 HEDT architecture. MSI also claims that it will be the “world’s first motherboard with fully exchangeable heatsink covers and X-mounting accessories.

This will allow it to support 3D printing and modding and it will come alongside MSI’s Mystic Light RGB LEDs of course, as well as 4x PCI-E slots with ‘Steel Armor’ and support for up to 4-way NVIDIA SLI technology and 4-way AMD CrossFire technology that allows you to use multiple graphics cards at the same time.

The X370 Gaming M7 ACK is the next new motherboard from MSI.

It has been designed to look great and provide some of the best performance on offer according to MSI and thanks to the introduction of their M.2 Shield FROZR, KILLER DoubleShot Pro and Audio Boost 4 Pro technology.

Killer DoubleShot Pro is the networking card on the board, which allows the Killer Ethernet connectors and the Killer Wi-Fi adapter to work together to “form the best online gaming networking solution” according to MSI. It also works alongside the Killer Network Manager app for optimising for gaming and optimising traffic.

MSI says this will provide up to 1.867 Gbps max throughput.

The card will also come with MSI’s AudioBoost 4 Pro, which uses a dedicated HD audio processor that allows for “studio grade sound quality” from the front and rear connectors.

Finally, there’s the B350 Tomahawk Plus, which is the update of the B350 motherboard which comes with a range of new updates that makes it a better board.

One of those features is the addition of the MSI Mystic Light RGB LED, which is MSI’s own LED lighting and tech that allows you to create you own RGB colour schemes.

It also comes with OC Engine 2, which uses an additional clock generator for more customisation with BCLK adjustments for the ability to achieve the maximum overclock for your gaming setup.

To top that off, it has USB 3.1 Gen 2 Type – C, Turbo M.2, Steel Armor and more MSI exclusive gaming features.

Unfortunately, we don’t have any information or pricing about the worldwide availability about any of these new motherboards just yet, however, we will update you if we hear more.

Source: TPU

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