There’s only about 10 days to go until The Last of Us launches in America, and still the leaks are coming in, the latest being a leak of reported screenshots and a video that reveals a new multiplayer element to the game.

Multiplayer is not something we expected with The Last of Us, as with most people we figured the game would be mostly story based, however it is certainly an interesting thought, lets just hope it’s better than the multiplayer from Tomb Raider.

As you can see we also have some screenshots showing the multiplayer modes, which were weirdly enough, revealed by Sony themselves,these screenshots seem to show what the mechanics of the multiplayer could be like, with flamethrowers, bombs and even some finishing moves, check em out above.

And that’s not all, the Spanish site HobbyConsolas also posted a three-minute video showcasing gameplay from the multiplayer mode, check that out below also.

[Update] Video has now been removed, if we find another we will embed it below.

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