A new set of headphones with a difference has this week been launched on Kickstarter, called Music Wrap they are a set of wireless set of headphones (using Bluetooth 4.0) that are completely bendable and water resistant to be used in a range of situations, in either a headphone or a speaker mode.

Created using a very versatile material, Music Wrap can literally be wrapped and twisted to be transformed into these positions.

The headphones also have IPX5 water resistance which should make them okay for use in rain or similar conditions. The headphones also have an integrated microphone.

The Music Wrap project is currently looking to raise $20,000 on the Kickstarter platform, to get to which they are offering pre-orders of the headphones for people who back from $35 on early bird, or $45 beyond that.

They estimate it will ship to backers this July.

Source: Kickstarter

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