Watches have always been something of a fashion accessory and with technology gradually becoming more a part of everyday life they are starting to get a bit geekier too, the Mutewatch combines both of these world’s with one of the best looking watches I have ever seen with some awesome tech alongside it.

The design itself is probably one its main features with a sleek and solid uni-body design, which has been created from a type of rubber which is completely waterproof up to 100 metres, as well as being extremely strong keeping the watch protected from any of those accidental drops or bumps.

However the watch will not fair as well against scratches, which is kind of annoying.

The rubber does however feel extremely good on the hand, with no doubts of the materials being of very high quality, which is extremely important when it’s going to around your wrist all day.

The watch is also completely adjustable which means it can fit more or less any sized wrist all be it a females, males, a thick wristed person or even a thin, which makes its extremely future proof.

Not only that, the watch can also be updated via it’s USB connector with new firmware, but that’s a feature that’s not quite ready yet.

The main feature however is of course the time, which can be viewed on Mutewatches angled LCD screen on the front of the watch itself, this does mean the watch is a little thicker than you may be used too, but the angled screen does mean that the time can be viewed in a lot of different situations.

Of course that’s not the only feature of the screen as you may have noticed from the title of this review, it also includes a capacitive display which means the watch can be completely controlled by a tap or swipe, bringing the tech back to the watch.

Alongside touch the watch also has a built-in accelerometer which means aside from tapping the screen you can also simply flick your wrist and the watch will display the time.

One part of the name actually gives away yet another feature of the watch, as this watch is actually mute meaning there will be no alerts or sounds played as there’s no speaker, and it will instead vibrate when you activate an option or an alarm goes off or a timer finishes, making it great to notify you about the time without notifying anyone else.

To switch between different modes on the watch you can simply swipe left or right to view settings for the alarm, timer or just the general settings for the watch itself.

And once the watch is dead there’s no battery to change as the Mutewatch is completely rechargeable via the same USB connector I mentioned earlier, this can be a small problem as the watch will need to be charged once every few days, however the watch will let you know when it needs to be by showing the word “BATT” on the screen.

It’s design is most defiantly one of my most favorite features of the Mutewatch which is as sleek as you would expect from a team of designers who live in Sweden, one which you will defiantly not feel embarrassed to wear on your wrist.

I’m extremely glad that I got the chance to review the Mutewatch it’s defiantly one of the coolest product I have seen all year so far, the product we received was the Poppy Red version which is priced at £199.

The watch is however available in black, grey and more recently Pure Black and off course the new SVART range which was designed by Jsper Nyren a great artist based in Sweden, however this version will set you back £249.

Overall I thought the Mutewatch was a great product and one that you should defiantly add to this years Christmas list, there are a few things that I would like to be changed however, the first is I would prefer if the watch was not such a scratch magnet and a smaller thing is that I would have liked the option to change the time between 24-hour and 12-hour formats.

However as this watch can be updated via new firmware (a feature that’s coming soon) it shouldn’t be too hard to fix that last one.

We were sent the Mutewatch to review by Mutewatch themselves however all views and opinions within this review are completely my own, you can find out more about the watch and its other versions at the link below.

Source: Mutewatch

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