You may know that quite some time ago Specific Media bought out the service you may have once known as MySpace, well they have plans to relaunch the service with even better features.

The newly designed social network is currently under beta testing by MySpace employees, after which it will be opened up to artists and then the rest of the public.

With the new design The Vanderhooks and Justin Timberlake (partners), aim to bring MySpace’s focus firmly back on music and helping artists with gig promotion, after the site stripped a lot of the features musicians used to promote music back in 2010:

“MySpace is the only site in the world where you can get everything an artist does if you’re interested in that artist,” says Chris Vanderhook. “To do all those things would probably take you 30 different properties.”

With a collection of 42 million songs, the service could defiantly become a music sharing service it just needs to become a bit more streamlined, having twice the amount of songs than Spotify could bring advantages.

Via [Forbes]

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