This week NASA announced a partnership with Amazon at the AWS re:Invent conference in Las Vegas, working to produce their own Alexa Skill that will allow them to answer all of your questions about the Red Planet via your Amazon Echo or Amazon Alexa-enabled device.

The new skill was unveiled by Tom Soderstrom, the chief technology officer at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, who said the idea was to boost interest in Mars with the skill, stating the following about it:

“Tomorrow you’ll be able to use Amazon Dots and your Amazon Echos, and you can ask questions about Mars.”

“This is all about exploring and getting crowdsourcing and getting people to understand and care about Mars and ask new questions.”

This joins a wide selection of skills that you can already use with Alexa, with integration with other intelligence services to get answers to questions, including those about Mars, however, with NASA’s integration you will get even further knowledge about Mars.

Once you have enabled the new NASA Mars skill you can use various commands to ask a range of questions.

If you are interested, you can enable the skill today via the Amazon Echo app.

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