We have many breathtaking images of an Earthrise from the Moon over the last few years, the most iconic of which was the photo taken by the Apollo 8 crew on Christmas Eve.

This Christmas NASA would like to show a new one, this time taken by NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, it shows a unique view of Earth from the LRO’s vantage point in orbit around the moon.

In the image we get to see Earth appear to rise over the lunar horizon, showing the coast of Liberia in the center, the Sahara Desert in the upper right corner and Saudi Arabia just beyond that.

If you have a keen eye you will also be able to spot both the Atlantic and Pacific coasts of South America to the left.

We don’t just get a view of the Earth however, the image is also treated by a view of the Moon’s crater Compton.

This is only one piece of information that the LRO has sent back since it was launched on June 18th, 2009, releasing a range of information from its observations across the moon. However NASA does admit that most of the time the LRO doesn’t get a chance to take a look at Earth, despite it being treated to 12 Earthrises a day, only getting a chance to take a snap when it points off into space to observe the lunar atmosphere and perform instrument calibration measurements.

Today’s image was composed from a series of images that were taken on October 12th, 2015, when LRO was around 83 miles above the moon’s farside crater Compton, all whilst travelling faster than 3,580 miles per hour.

Source: NASA

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