NASA plans to test fire a rocket in the Utah desert tomorrow, where they will be testing one of their solid rocket boosters that will be used on the Space Launch System, which is an expandable rocket from NASA that has been built with the aim of taking humans into deep space.

During tomorrow’s test, the booster engines will be ignited for two minutes at Orbital’s ATK’s test facilities in Promontory, Utah.

This will be the second time that NASA has tested the SLS booster on the ground, the first time they did it was in March 2015, when the booster was heated to 90 degrees Fahrenheit, which is the highest temperature the propellant can be.

This time, NASA will be heating the booster up to around 40 degrees Fahrenheit, which is the coldest the booster’s motor can handle. During the booster will be clamped horizontally during the test, which will begin at 10:05AM ET (around 15:05PM BST).

And you will be able to watch it live as the exhaust clouds and flames should out into the desert.

After this, we expect the boosters will be firing during the first test flight of the SLS< which is set to take place in late 2018.

You can find out more about the launch at the source link, and what it live at NASA’s website tomorrow at 15:05PM BST.

Source: NASA

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