Today NASA revealed their plans for the testing of a new parachute system, which will be used for small satellites and payloads, providing those spacecraft with a safer way to return back to Earth, without getting destroyed in the process.

It has been named the Exo-Brake and is a system that NASA say will begin its testing phase in 2017.

To put it basically, it is a tiny parachute system that will deploy from the rear end of a payload to increase the drag during the de-orbit phase.

Ground teams will then be able to watch a real-time simulation to track its orbital trajectory and then retrieve the craft after its landing.

It is all part of a larger experiment from NASA that is called the Technology Education (TechEdSat-5).

It also comes after NASA’s original tests back in 2013, where they tested a similar parachute system, but without the control of this new Exo-Brake system.

As we learn more about this we will be sure to update you.

In the meantime, you can read more about it at the source link below.

Source: NASA

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