NASA’s Juno mission is something that anyone who is interested in space should keep an eye on. Set to be one of the most important missions of our time, Juno’s mission is to gather as much information from Jupiter as possible as it orbits around the planet.

Today we got our first sneak peek of what to expect as the probe released its first imagery of the planet as it entered Jupiter’s orbit.

You can see that photo above, it shows a glimpse of the planet furthest to the left as well as a look at three of its biggest moons, Io, Europa, and Ganymede.

It was taken on Sunday 4.3 million km away from Jupiter.

However, this image is just the start.

In August, Juno will sweep around the planet to capture even better images, with the hope of getting a close up shot of the planet, like the ones that we saw from the New Horizons mission.

Following that, NASA will enable a further engine burn the put the probe into a 14-day orbit around the planet, during which time it will make around 30 revolutions of the planet, including a number of passes that are 5,000km below its cloud tops.

In total, Juno will study Jupiter for 18 months to understand the planet. To do so it has been fitted with a number of instruments to take a closer look at the planet’s interior.

Source: NASA


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