NASA’s Juno spacecraft was responsible for providing us with some pretty awesome photos of the gassy planet earlier this week, with a look at the planet’s massive cyclones, auroras and even what lies below the gas.

But Juno wasn’t done there.

Today NASA also released some more information about the mysterious planet and that information has managed to make it even more mysterious, revealing what they call the ‘fuzzy’ core of Jupiter.

Previously, scientists thought that Jupiter will either feature a core that is 1 to 10 times the size of Earth or it will have no core at all.

However, the data that was revealed today unveils something different.

Scott Bolton said the following about the results of the Juno mission so far:

“There seems to be a fuzzy core, and it may be much larger than anybody had anticipated.”

This could mean that the core may be partially dissolved, meaning that previous guesses would be completely wrong. Here’s an image that shows what NASA thinks the core could look like so far:
And we were treated to much more than an idea of what Jupiter’s core may look like.Juno also took an unprecedented look at Jupiter’s rings, taking the first-ever photo of the planet’s faint ring from the inside, which was taken using Juno’s star-tracking navigation camera.It also shows part of the constellation Orion, along with a few stars on top.

Check it out below.

The dust ring that you can see in the photo is about 40,000 miles away from where the photo was captured, and the stars that can be seen are hundreds of light-years away, but still show in extreme detail.

And NASA’s Juno craft isn’t done there.

We expect to see much more from the craft over the next few months, ahead of the time when Juno will start to receive the consequences of the oncoming radiation from Jupiter.

You can read more about the latest news from Juno at the source link below.

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