NEC has today announced some exciting news for what they will be unveiling in the future.

This is the news that they will be building Raspberry Pi 3 mini PCs right into their displays in the future, which they hope will allow it to connect better with the Internet of Things (IOT), with customizable functionality for third parties to work with.

NEC hopes that this move will help their new displays to stand out from the crowd, given that the Raspberry Pi has a 1.2GHz processor, it could make their displays powerful pieces of kit. They will be included as part of NEC’s Open Modular Intelligence platform, specifically in their professional series of displays, the P and V series.

NEC hopes to use this integration to allow professionals to do anything from making presentations, all the way up to creating signage.

VP of marketing at NEC, Stefanie Corinth said the following about the launch:

“Our strategic initiative to team up with Raspberry Pi is an example of how we continue to ensure that organizations in any sector have the most advanced technology in place to meet their application needs.”

CEO of Raspberry Pi Trading, Eben Upton also added the following:

“Overall, this collaboration shows NEC’s confidence with our ability to provide a platform that can be used in a variety of environments.”

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