Here at TechNutty we like to think we are expanding more each and every day in order to create a lot better content for you, in order to do this over the time since we started the site we have partnered with a lot of different YouTubers, Bloggers and general content creators in order to provide you with the latest and greatest tech and gaming news and reviews.

One of the newest additions to the team that meets this new partnership is Neil Perrin our new Contributing Editor.

As his YouTube Channel name suggests he is a geek with glasses with a major passion for all things technology, which he says began as a child when his parents bought back the first family computer aged 10, it had a 16MHz processor and 512K of RAM, and since that day he grew to have a major liking for all things requiring a plug, alongside his technology passion he also enjoy’s photography, cooking and podcasting which all lead him to create his own YouTube channel reviewing and talk about anything to do with tech.

As for his home life he lives in the US, which is great for us, being a UK-based site we used to be majorly restricted to the products we could review, but now we have people on both sides of the pond which does make things a lot easier, within his US home in DC he also works in support dealing with all types of contracts dealing with IT Infrastructure.

Look out for a lot more from Neil on TechNutty in the near future, where he will be posting various product reviews and tech related videos.

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