If you have been putting off getting a Nest because of the price of that smart thermostat then you will be happy to know about Nest’s latest thermostat device.

This new device is called the Nest Thermostat E, which is Nest’s latest smart thermostat that not only features a new design but also comes with a new set of features and a brand new price tag.

The design of the Thermostat E is probably the biggest change, which Nest has done in order to blend the Thermostat E with its surroundings better than the previous model.

That said, it isn’t as premium as the previous model, featuring a white plastic exterior with a frosted display that comes with an ambient light sensor for automatic brightness adjustment.

Matt Rogers, co-founder and chief product officer at Nest explained more:

“In 2011, we reinvented the thermostat category to make it easy for people to save energy fast forward six years: Nest owners have saved more than 14 billion kWh — the equivalent of providing electricity to all the homes in New York State for over 100 days — and now we are bringing beautiful design and proven energy saving capabilities into even more homes. To do that, we needed to simplify. The more subtle look and feel of the Nest Thermostat E will seamlessly blend into any environment. It’s everything our customers have come to know and love from Nest thermostats with a renewed focus on user simplicity and control.”

You can find out more about this new device at the source link below. It will be available for $169 in the US, however, we don’t know about UK pricing just yet.

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