This week, Nest revealed some new additions to their range of smart thermostats.

This comes after Nest was acquired by Google, or rather Alphabet a few years ago and is the announcement of some new designs that are now available for the smart thermostat.

These new designs are basically a number of new finishes that include copper, white, and black, all of which are available alongside the original silver finish.

Nest explained more with the following:

We think you should be proud of anything that’s on your wall. It’s your home and your style. It says so much about you.That includes your thermostat. We love the idea of your guests spotting your wall with a “Wow” or a “Whoa” and suddenly, you’re having a conversation about your Nest.

And a Nest Learning Thermostat on your wall says you don’t just appreciate beautiful design. You appreciate meaningful design. You care about saving energy. The Nest Thermostat has been proven to save about 8 billion kilowatt hours of energy so far. Imagine how much we could save if every home had a Nest Learning Thermostat.

So we want Nest to fit into every home. Since every house has a different style, we first chose the Nest Thermostat’s modern, refined stainless steel to complement any room. Now, in three new colors, it will shine in any setting. Meet the Nest Thermostat in white, black and copper.

You can check out those new designs in the gallery below.


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