Earlier this week Nest announced their latest indoor security camera, the Nest Cam IQ.

Like rumours that we previously heard suggested, this new camera will feature a 4K image sensor that will allow it to capture greater details, and even tell the difference between the person or anything else.

Nest says that it will provide best-in-class imaging and other intelligent features that make it one of the best indoor security cameras around.

In terms of specifications, the Nest Cam IQ comes with a 4K image sensor at 8-megapixels, along with a 12x digital zoom and an enhance mode.

The camera also features HDR to capture greater detail along with two 940nm infrared LEDs for capturing footage at night. And that’s still not all, it also features three microphones on board to allow it to suppress noise and cancel out the echo.

To finish all of that off, the Nest Cam IQ features a similar design to the Nest Cam Outdoor to blend in with a variety of home interiors, featuring a polycarbonate white body and a swivel mount camera that allows it to move where you want it. There’s also Nest’s software included, without the need for a Nest Aware subscription.

It can provide alerts to the Nest app from which you can watch a full 130-degree live view of the room, along with a close-up tracking view of a detected person in that field of view. The Cam IQ also comes with facial recognition technology to identify, categorise, and learn to distinguish familiar and unfamiliar faces.

The Nest Cam IQ will be available for £299 or $299, with pre-orders starting in the US and UK from 31 May after which, it will begin to ship by the end of June.

You can find out more about the new security camera at the source link below.

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