Not to be left behind Netatmo has today announced something interesting of their own during CES 2015, the Netatmo Welcome.

Unveiled during CES Unveiled earlier today, Welcome is a cylindrical shaped device that uses a camera to watch your homes door and notify you about anyone and everyone who walks through.

If it recognises somebody who walks through it will tell you their name in the alert, however it will also send an alert for those who it doesn’t recognise in order to act as a security features too.

Netatmo states that this will be most useful for those who want to monitor their children or to keep check of older relatives, and it can even allow users to watch a live feed of what Welcome sees right from the app.

All recorded footage is also stored locally to ensure data is kept as safe as possible.

As of yet it’s unclear how well this will all work, but it could be a good option for anyone that is looking for a home monitor and family monitor all in one package.

Netatmo says that Welcome will be available this spring for a yet to be announced.

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