Today Netatmo announced that they will soon update their range of Welcome Home security cameras with new pet detection capabilities that will allow you to track your pet from the Netatmo camera.

With this update, you will be able to take advantage of their new algorithms that will allow the security camera to specifically detect when an animal passes the front of the camera.

From there it can alert you of their movement and set a recording.

But if that’s annoying for you then you can set the camera to ignore any motion to disable the notifications. This is an expansion of the existing facial recognition tech that the Welcome has, which allows you to track friends and family as well as your pets.

You can also set up profiles for all of your trusted users, so people don’t annoy you with notifications either.

Sadly, you can’t use it just yet. Netatmo has said that this new pet detection update will be rolled out the users with Welcome cameras from August 1st.

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