If you use Netflix as your main streaming platform than chances are you have also used one of the third-party apps connected it, well due to some changes to their API program you may find soon that some of them might not work in the future, these include removing the ability to track a users rental history, date they last watched a title, playback bookmarks, users most recent activity and titles at home and will be changing the URL domain for the API program from api.netflix.com to api-public.netflix.com.

Alongside that the service will also be removing the ability to display search results that compare Netflix’s library to those of other competing services, which could potentially break both the Google TV and Xbox 360’s Bing Search service’s.

As a way to explain these changes Netflix said this in their blog, “While we will continue to support third parties as they develop and offer Web sites and applications that interact with Netflix, these changes are designed to do so in a way that is aligned with our broader objectives.”

Will you be effected by these changes? What do you think about this?

Drop us a comment below.

Via [Netflix Blog]

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