For a long while now we merry men have waited patently for NetFlix to be released here in the UK, but it seems the wait may not be for much longer as the company has now released a streaming application for the PS3 console here in the UK.

If you want you can find the app on your PlayStation 3’s TV/Video section, mixed with all the other services including iPlayer, 4OD, iTV Player and its biggest rival here in the UK, LoveFilm.

You can run the app anytime you like but so far all you will see a coming soon message and given the opportunity to register your e-mail so you will know when the service becomes available, which is great.

The launch of this is app is certainly a big sign that we may see an “early 2012” launch after all, the reason this service is expected to become so huge here in the UK is its massive database, giving you unlimited streaming of thousands of movies and TV shows on your Mac, PC, PS3 and is expected on the Xbox 360 as well as iOS and Andriod devices.

But it does seem that Lovefilm aren’t going to go down without a fight, as they have recently signed various deals with ITV and the BBC, to bring TV Shows to the streaming service, as well as partnering with Warner Bros.

What do you think? Which do you prefer Netflix or Lovefilm?

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