If you use a movie streaming service, then you are likely to have heard of the US video streaming service called Netflix, which after a recent launch in the UK and Ireland the one US only service now has plans to launch internationally.

And after some sources talked to Digital TV Europe, Netflix are now reportedly in talks with local producer, distributors and broadcasters within Sweden.

This could mean that the service may soon be expanding to Sweden, with these talks probably looking to build up a library of Swedish content before an official launch.

Alongside Sweden, Netflix is due to expand to Spain in the near future alongside other countries across the world.

We have had Netflix in the UK for quite some time now and I think it is a great service with some excellent movies and TV Shows available to stream on whatever or whenever you want, but we also have another great service here in the UK called Lovefilm, which is also pretty great.

So how do you decide which one to give your monthly subscription fee too?? Check out NetflixvsLovefilm to see how the two compare across various specifications.

Via [http://www.digitaltveurope.net]

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